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          Bulletins d'information 2018

          28 août 2018

          Subject :

          Are you using the right solutions?

          Simplify Traceability with KEYENCE Laser Markers
          This guide introduces full traceability systems using laser markers. It includes marking codes on parts, reading codes, managing information and more. Click below to learn how to implement traceability systems at your facility.
          How Digital Microscopes Are Used by Other Companies
          This guide introduces detailed application methods that are possible with digital microscopes.
          Examples such as:
          ·Inspection on the production line
          ·Non-destructive inspection
          ·Connecting metallurgical microscopes with digital microscopes
          ·Analyzing large samples that do not fit on the stage
          We need this flow Sensor Vol.2
          This clamp-on flow sensor clamps-on to the outside of a pipe in minutes, eliminating downtime and the risk of contamination, pressure loss, or leakage. Testing is possible prior to installation and can check abnormal flow rates at a glance. Click below to learn more.
          [Automotive Industry] The Latest Vision System Applications
          This guide introduces the latest image processing system applications in motor manufacturing processes. This guide contains techniques that are applicable for various industries.
          Code Readers That Anyone Can Configure
          Simply read a code by pushing the function button on the code reader. This lets anyone configure the code reader to the optimal settings to match the marking style, without having to use a PC.
          Want to Share Dimension Inspection Methods With Offices Around the World?
          Share Dimension Inspection with ease
          With the Image Dimension Measurement System, you can share programs to unify dimensional inspection standards at all of your manufacturing bases. Operations are simple: just place the inspection target on the stage and press the button.
          Increased Quality Through Improved Welding Processes
          Automated welding has been very common process in manufacturing and we receive requests for consultation regarding pre and post process welding inspections on a daily basis.
          This guide introduces ways that you can improve your welding processes using KEYENCE 2D/3D laser scanners.
          Why the durability of KEYENCE Digital Contact Sensors Make Them Popular
          Check out this guide to learn how the GT2 Series pencil type is resistant to dust, oil and other harsh manufacturing environments while also maintaining a long service life. Learn about the structure and technical specifications of this sensor.

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