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          Bulletins d'information 2018

          31 juillet 2018

          Subject :

          Did you happen to see our quick read guides?

          We need this flow Sensor
          Clamp-On Flow Sensor
          FD-R/FD-Q Series
          1. No pipe cutting required for mounting
          2. Installation by anyone is possible with just a screwdriver
          3. Various pipes acceptable
          Vision Systems 8 Color LED Illumination
          We are proud to introduce our brand-new Multispectrum inspection algorithm that is possible thanks to an all-in-one light with eight integrated colors. This provides outstanding stability even in tough conditions such as color, shape, gloss, and target variability.
          One-stop Solutions for Traceability Systems from KEYENCE
          KEYENCE provides solutions for 2D codes that enable both fast and clear marking and accurate and stable reading. In this guide, you'll learn about the advantages that are possible when you work with a company that provides solutions for both marking and reading.
          100 Simultaneous Dimension Inspections
          IM Series Dimension Measurement Systems can simultaneously measure up to 100 targets on the stage with micron level accuracy. Put it to use to improving yield rates, reducing launch periods, and improving quality.
          Why Select Laser Profile Measurement System?
          Popular choice for applications, such as:
          1. Dimensional Measurements
          2. Appearance Inspections

          Capability of sampling 64000 profiles/sec.
          Vision Sensors: Compact, Quick & Easy Installation
          ·Ultra-compact Vision Sensor (size of your thumb)
          ·Inspect variation in diameter, colour and presence/absence
          ·Quick and easy installation
          ·Auto-focus and includes built-in lighting
          Marking and Processing Metal with Laser Markers
          Are you looking to permanently mark your metal parts while maintaining low running costs? Download this brochure to see how laser markers can provide a value-added solution!
          Quality Improvements Made Possible by Digital Microscopes
          We interviewed customers who have installed digital microscopes, asking them for details about their applications and the results they have obtained. Check out this guide for hints on how you can improve your own business.

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