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          Bulletins d'information 2018

          03 juillet 2018

          Subject :

          New Add-on Making KEYENCE Code Readers more Useful!

          New Add-on Making KEYENCE Code Readers more Useful!
          Take the right measures of mix prevention with our code readers. We now have useful add-ons available to make our code readers more useful. The varied lineup available includes items such as a 90-degree connector and a high-resolution lens attachment.
          Want to Improve Dimensional Inspection and Reduce Rejected Products?
          Do you want to reduce the number of defective products, but worry that increasing the frequency of inspections will increase work and costs? Take a moment to look through our optical comparator, and see how quickly and efficiently it can perform dimensional inspection and how easy it is to use!
          How to Perform Thickness Measurements Rapidly and Accurately
          Benefits of switching from contact to non-contact thickness inspections:

          ·Reduced inspection and cycle time
          ·Enables full inspections
          ·Eliminates operator error
          ·Enables highly accurate measurements of soft targets without any deformation
          The Definitive Guide to Measures against Adhesion
          Use this technical guide to learn about the mechanisms of and measures against adhesion caused by static electricity. Reply to this email if you are interested in an onsite consultation on static electricity solutions. We will diagnose your worksite at no cost!
          [NEW] Laser Marking 2D Code Textbook
          ·Advantages of marking products with 2D codes
          ·The know-how required to perform high-quality marking
          ·This is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve product traceability
          [Microscope] View, Capture, and Measure at High Speed With Just One Device
          ·No need to set the illumination
          ·No need to adjust the focus

          KEYENCE is proud to present a microscope that processes basic analysis operations at high speed.
          Highly Accurate Colour Sensor: Stable Detection of Visual/Colour Differences
          1. Stable detection of colour differences- able to detect even minor changes in colour
          2. Diverse variations are available: long distance models, small models, and fiber extension models
          A Vision System That Can Be Set Up in Just Three Steps
          No specialized knowledge required. KEYENCE has developed a revolutionary interface that requires you to just perform operations by following the navigation.
          This leads to major improvements to the time and effort required to adjust vision systems.

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