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          Bulletins d'information 2018

          22 mai 2018

          Subject :

          Did you want to read these?

          Contact Sensors That Do Not Break Even after 200 Million Measurements or More
          ·High accuracy with resolution of 0.1 μm and indicated accuracy of 1 μm
          ·Dustproof, watertight, and oil-resistant
          ·Simple, easy-to-use PC application software

          This contact sensors has received rave reviews for its vast range of heads. We hope you will find these data sheets useful in selecting the head that is right for you.
          Have you seen our [NEW] Clamp-on Liquid Flow Sensor?
          It is an incredible sensor that clamps onto the pipe, requiring:
          ·No downtime
          ·No pipe modifications

          Monitor any fluid... to learn more download the catalog!
          What Separates KEYENCE LJ-V Series from Other 2D/3D Profilers?
          Learn the advantages of:
          ·Blue laser technology
          ·The functions of double polarization
          ·Optical systems
          ·And much much more!
          All-in-One: Direct Part Marking and Code Reading Solution
          No need to use separate devices for part marking and code reading- this laser marking head has a built-in multi-function camera. Mark and Read all at once!
          Interested in testing your marking application- email us today!
          Particle Measurement Examples
          The particle analysis function of KEYENCE microscopes makes it possible perform depth composition and instantly capture fully focused images
          The separation function allows you to accurately count and analyze objects.
          How to perform stable detection with Machine Vision?
          Download this guide to learn how to:
          ·Perform stable detection of printed characters
          ·Support character size, position, print quality and light intensity changes
          ·Detect subtle surface colour changes

          Typical application examples: reading best before dates, part number recognition
          Complete Code Reader Guide
          ·Read multiple codes all at once
          ·Greater depth of field at longer ranges
          ·Read coodes without having to stop the target

          In addition to product information, this guide also contains knowledge and expertise to help you run your business with stability and peace of mind.
          [New Product] Simultaneously Measure the Dimensions Products
          ·Reduce inspection time: obtain 99 measurements in 3-5 seconds
          ·Uniform measurements regardless of the operator
          ·100% inspection is impossible when measuring one target at a time

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