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          Bulletins d'information 2018

          08 mai 2018

          Subject :

          Simplify Traceability with KEYENCE Laser Markers

          Simplify Traceability with KEYENCE Laser Markers
          This guide introduces full traceability systems using laser markers. It includes marking codes on parts, reading codes, managing information and more. Download this guide to learn how to implement traceability systems at your facility.
          Visualize and Analyze 3D Surfaces in Seconds
          Evaluating and accurately analyzing 3D dimensions can be quite difficult. See how customers use our 3D Optical Profiler to solve a range of applications involving warpage, flatness, profile, and angle measurements.
          The Definitive Guide to Measures against Adhesion
          Use this technical guide to learn about the mechanisms of and measures against adhesion caused by static electricity. Contact KEYENCE if you want to investigate the generation of static electricity at your worksite. We will diagnose your worksite at no additional cost!
          Want to Get More from Your Metallurgical Microscope?
          ·Eliminate out-of-focus images
          ·Improve image contrast and grain structure
          ·Measure dimensions and count grains

          KEYENCE can provide these and other improvements to the observation and analysis capabilities of your microscope. Check out this guide to learn more and to see examples of them in action.
          [New] Fiber Optic Sensors with Improved Reliability and Ease of Use
          Perform detections reliably in any situation.
          1. TERA power- power levels 1650 times that of conventional models
          2. Built-in organic LED (OLED) display- Operate easily without having to refer to an instruction manual
          3. Indicator installed on the fiber unit- Simply check operation on fiber unit, no need to view amplifier
          Popular Series: Vision System Know-How Guide, Vol. 5
          Need a better image for inspection? Do you know how to:
          ·Eliminate subtle noise or detect small changes?
          ·Perform inspections while ignoring the background conditions?

          Download this guide for the answers.
          1D/2D Code Verification
          Barcode/2D Code Verification Technical Guide
          This is a must read for anyone who deals with barcode reading and verification! This guide covers the different types of verification standards methods and other subjects.
          20 Ways to Solve the Toughest Applications for Dimensional Measurements
          Discover 20 ways that KEYENCE's IM Series can virtually create reference features to solve the most difficult measurement applications. From intersection points to tangent lines this system has the ability to tackle all 2D measurements.
          Our Recommendation Based on your Application
          Download this Guide if you are looking to:
          ·Prevent release of defective products
          ·Prevent cost of recalls and re-inspecting
          ·Looking to automate your facility

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