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          Bulletins d'information 2018

          24 avril 2018

          Subject :

          Complimentary Handbooks for Mfg. Solutions

          [NEW!] Upgraded Place & Press System for Large Parts!
          Measure taller and larger parts with New Optical Comparator

          1. Quick measurements
          2. Highly accurate results
          3. No operator error
          4. Measure multiple parts simultaneously

          Email Us to Book for your Consultation!
          3D Shape Analysis in Seconds
          With our 3D Surface Metrology System:
          1. Measure and Analyze entire sample surface
          2. Compare scans to 3D CAD Models
          3. Run Pass/Fail Inspections
          Quality / R&D: Microscopy
          Test your Application under the Microscope!

          Great for applications, such as:
          1. Failure/ Fracture Analysis
          2. Foreign Particle Analysis

          Download to see application examples across industries!
          Safety Device with Advanced Functionality
          ·Edge-to-edge protection
          ·Built-In series connection
          ·Innovative alignment methods
          Why Select Laser Profile Measurement System?
          Popular choice for applications, such as:
          1. Dimensional Measurements
          2. Apperance Inspections

          Capability of sampling 64000 profiles/sec
          All-in-One: Traceability Solutions
          Turnkey Solution with KEYENCE Laser Markers and Code Readers

          From implementing direct part marking to code grading - we are here every step of the way.

          Email us to learn how you can get your FREE Direct Part Marking Sample!
          Learning from the Automotive Industry:
          Collection of the Latest Examples
          The shortcut to successfully introducing vision systems is learning from successful examples. Learn how other companies use vision systems? This must-see guide showcasing successful examples.
          A reliable contact sensor with great longevity
          ·Light-weight sensor made up of linear ball bearings and stainless steel
          ·Provides an overwhelmingly long service life
          ·Watertight, oil-resistant & dust-proof - eliminating environmental factors when installing
          Expand your Laser Marker Vocabulary
          ·What are lasers? What is pulse oscillation? This glossary explains specialized laser terminology
          ·Mark parts in any Orientation

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          Découvrez toutes les nouveautés en matière de capteurs, de systèmes de vision, d'instruments de mesure, de marqueurs laser et de microscopes.