Bulletins d'information 2018

27 mars 2018

Subject :

***NEW Vision Sensors & Automating Solutions***

[NEW!] Most Innovative Fiber Optic Sensor on the Market
Introducing the new standard for photoelectric sensors:
1. TERA power- Newly developed LED module to improve the basic performance
2. Built-in OLED display
3. Indicator installed on the fiber unit- No amplifier required. Operations can be checked using only the fiber unit
[NEW!] Vision Sensors with OCR Function!
·IV series accurately differentiates between colours, shapes and presence/absence detection
·It can now automatically perform character recognition
·Simple Vision Sensor with quick and easy installation (1 minute setup!)
[New!] Introducing an Ultra-large, Wide-stage Model!
·Stage now 6 times larger!
·Measure large parts that were previously unmeasurable
·Perform batch measurements by putting more sample parts onto the stage... reducing inspection time!
Redefine your Inspection Process with a Digital Microscope
·See how digital microscopes are changing the inspection and analysis process
·This guide contains product concept, imaging and lighting techniques, measurement capabilities, and more

Observe with 20 times depth of field.
Learn Image Processing Basics in Just 10 Minutes (Lighting Edition)
·Diffuse and specular reflection
·Applications of diffuse reflection
·OCR mechanisms and example applications

This guide contains these and other topics that provide information to help you select lighting.
Barcode/2D Code Reader General Catalog
This catalog shows application examples for,
·Automotive industry-Identify piled-up EV battery packs
·Electronic device industry- Identify mini codes on flexible PCB
·Food/Pharmaceuticals/Cosmetics- Check marks during packaging
Advantages of switching to Non-Contact Measurements
·100% Inspection
·Reduce Cycle Time
·Eliminate Operator Error
Measure Pressed Parts Using 3D Analysis
These technical guides provide information on how hard-to-spot surface shapes can be easily visualized and measured, and inspected offline to improve process controls.
[DPM: Part Marking]: Handbook for Traceability
Avoid the release of defective parts... Learn the concept of traceability and KEYENCE's solutions!

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