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          Bulletins d'information 2018

          27 février 2018

          Subject :

          Don't Miss Out on Key-Fan Guides to Improving Profitability

          Customer's Voice: How our Digital Microscopes benefited their Company
          ·KEYENCE's versatile Microscopes are great for wide variety of applications
          ·Observe, captures, and measure with one device
          ·Resulted in higher profitability
          Learn the advantages of Laser Profile Sensors
          ·100% inline inspection
          ·Calculate data (height, and width)
          ·Ultra-high stable detection
          ·Improve cycle time, and quality in dispensing applications

          Download to learn more!
          Contact Sensors with Unlimited Flexibility
          ·Choose from a variety of contact sensors and pair with your mounting requirements
          ·Mounting brackets can lower design and processing costs

          Download to learn the types of probes and brackets available.
          Learn how to perform 3D Analysis on Threaded Parts
          ·See examples of 3D analysis on threaded parts using new 3D measurement technology
          ·Compare measurements from multiple samples and with CAD files
          ·Non-contact 3D measurement device
          Laser Markers + Easy Communication = Higher Productivity
          ·Automatically update marking content via PLC
          ·Automate marking process and save Images directly on to PC
          ·Simplify wiring to a single LAN Cable

          ***Free Direct Part Marking Available***
          - Download to learn how to easily implement a Laser Marker
          Get Accurate and Repeatable Results
          ·Precision part inspection in seconds
          ·Eliminates operator subjectivity
          ·Automatic data collection and inspection reports
          New Product: Multi-Spectrum Vision System
          ·More accurate in finding low-contrast edges
          ·Reliably detecting nearly-invisible defects
          ·Sorting parts with very subtle color differences
          Traceability Solutions with a Laser Marker and Barcode Reader
          ·A successful traceability system is determining specifications that consider both marking and reading codes
          ·Trace the history on inspection process
          ·We provide full support with marking and reading solutions
          [NEW]-Clamp-On Liquid Flow Meter
          ·Now Clamp-On to pipes up to 8" and even monitor temperature
          ·High accuracy with no pipe modification
          ·No downtime during installation

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