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          Newsletter 2018

          14 février 2018

          Subject :

          Insight to the New Standard in the industry

          ISO 16232 Contamination & Cleanliness Analysis
          ·KEYENCE's Digital Microscope VHX-6000 is equipped with an ISO 16232 compliant contaminant analysis function
          ·You are able to count and analyze particles quickly with no variation between operators
          ·while acquiring data over a large area automatically
          [NEW] Laser Marking 2D Code Textbook
          ·Advantages of marking products with 2D codes
          ·The know-how required to perform high-quality marking
          ·This is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve product traceability
          3D Measurement Technology Offers New Insights for Product Development & Quality
          ·See how a variety of industries (automotive, semiconductor, etc.) are making use of new offline 3D scanning
          ·Measuring technology to transform the way they inspect and analyze their products
          ·This system can measure and analyze entire sample surfaces
          Vision Sensors: Compact, Quick & Easy Installation
          ·Ultra-compact Vision Sensor (size of your thumb)
          ·Inspect variation in diameter, colour and presence/absence
          ·Quick and easy installation
          ·Auto-focus and includes built-in lighting
          Easy and Stable Reading of Extremely Small Codes
          ·Ability to read codes as small as 0.5mm
          ·Easy Set-up (reduce cost and time)
          ·2x times greater field of view and speed
          A Solution for ALL Dimensional Applications
          Switch from Optical Comparators and Measuring Microscopes to an Instant Measurement System.
          ·99 measurements in 3 seconds
          ·Auto-recognition (easy programming)
          ·Eliminate User Error
          ·Learn the comparison between the three systems
          Our Recommendation Based on your Application
          Download this Guide if you are looking to:
          ·Prevent release of defective products
          ·Prevent cost of recalls and re-inspecting
          ·Looking to automate your facility
          Tips and Tricks for Appearance Inspections
          ·Is it really possible to detect this object?
          ·Low cost vision camera with tools for simple inspection
          ·This guide is a collection of techniques that can be implemented just by changing illumination and settings
          A New Standard for Safety Laser Scanner
          1. Detachable Display Unit
          2. With Two Built-In Cameras
          3. Supports PROFIsafe / PROFINET

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          Découvrez toutes les nouveautés en matière de capteurs, de systèmes de vision, d'instruments de mesure, de marqueurs laser et de microscopes.

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