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          Bulletins d'information 2017

          19 décembre 2017

          Subject :

          Learn how to improve your process

          Six 3D Measurement Devices in One
          There are many disadvantages to using only one type of 3D measurement tool. This guide shows how KEYENCE's VR-3000 Series overcame many of the obstacles of conventional measurement tools and microscopes.
          The Basics of Image Processing
          Cameras, illumination, and lenses are all vital elements for image processing, download this guide to learn the basic methods.
          Factory Logistics: Labor Reduction Examples
          With the SR-2000 Barcode Reader, you can:

          ·Use Tuning Consultant to reduce the amount of work required to configure settings
          ·Read different size part codes using the Barcode reader because of its great depth of field. Perform reading with a greater depth of field even when different-sized products pass the code reader.
          ·Perform reading over a wide field of view even when labels have undefined locations
          Clamp-On Flow Sensor
          We have reinvented flow sensing with a clamp on flow sensor. No modifications, easy installation and easy to use. Download this guide to learn more!
          Introduction to Image Dimension Measurement
          KEYENCE image dimension measurement systems can quickly and accurately measure a wide variety of targets. Download this guide to learn about principles, illumination, and image processing technology.
          Reasons to Switch from Contact to Non-Contact Measurement Sensors
          Download this guide to learn the advantages of switching from Dial and Height Gauges to a Laser Displacement Sensors.
          A Vision Sensor that is simple as 1-2-3
          The IV Series is an ultra-compact model that can be installed anywhere. It can capture images over large areas with a single unit. Ability to program 16 inspection regions that can be inspected at the same time. Great for inspections such as color, shape, size, and the presence of marking.
          Simultaneous Printing and Inspection, Using KEYENCE's Laser Marker with Built-in Camera
          Normal laser markers only print on products, which means you use a separate device to perform tasks like checking the printed text and reading 2D codes.
          The head of this laser marker from KEYENCE has a built-in multi-function camera.
          This provides the high functionality required at worksites with just a laser marker.
          Customer's Voice: Investing in Microscopes Improved Our Profits!
          Learn what our customers have to say about investing in Microscopes. Explore the advantages they have obtained by installing digital microscopes in their facilities and how they overcame their difficulties.

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