Bulletins d'information 2017

21 novembre 2017

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Info-sharing: Learn how to improve your Manufacturing Process

[NEW]-Clamp-On Liquid Flow Meter
Now Clamp-On to pipes up to 8" and even monitor temperature. High accuracy with no pipe modification or downtime.
[Quality Control]: The Perfect Complimentary Tool to your CMM
The Wide-Area 3D Measurement System VR Series is the perfect complimentary tool to your CMM. It creates highly accurate 3D images of entire targets quickly and without contact. Download this guide to learn the capabilities of this system, and its applications.
[Quality Control]: Q&A- Learn how to perform high accuracy measurements with 3 seconds
Implement a place and press measurement system that will speed up your dimensional inspection with high accuracy. Download this Q&A guide to learn more!
[Quality Control]: Making the Switch to Non-Contact Measurement
·100% Inspection
·Increase Quality and Throughput
·Reduce Cycle Times

Download to learn the advantages of switching!
[1D/2D Code Verification]: Want to Improve Your Code Reader Operation?
This guide contains KEYENCE solutions that use code readers to improve operations. Your devices may still hold the key to reducing the amount of labor required.
[Static Control]: Making Static Electricity Visible at All Times
What sort of countermeasures should you use against static electricity, which is invisible to the human eye? The first step is to use a KEYENCE hand-held type electrostatic sensor to visualize it.
[DPM: Part Marking]: A Textbook for Learning What Traceability Is
In recent years, every time a product is recalled due to a defect in manufacturing people focus on traceability. This textbook is a must-see for anyone who has heard of traceability but is not sure how it works or has not seen detailed examples of its application.
[Quality/R&D]: ISO 16232 Certified- Fast & Accurate Contaminant & Particle Counting
KEYENCE's Digital Microscope VHX-6000 is equipped with contaminant analysis function, ISO 16232 certified. This function has the ability to count and analyze minute particles quickly, with no variation from one operator to another, while acquiring data over a large area automatically.
[Quality/Visual Inspection]: Line Scan Cameras - High-Resolution Inspection Up to 67 Megapixel
Detailed inspections of wide parts or cylinders normally difficult for area cameras are now possible. See this guide for examples of line scan inspections, including:
·Large or Wide Parts
·Rotating Cylinders and Complex Shapes
·Inline, High-Speed Web Inspection

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