Bulletins d'information 2017

16 mai 2017

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Special Edition: TOP 7 Most Downloaded Guides/Brochures

Time to Make the Switch from Conventional Measurement Tools
See why companies are making the switch from hand tools and optical comparators to KEYENCE's new Image Dimension Measurement System. Read how the IM Series can perform previously impossible measurements on metal processed parts, top-lit features, and more!
Outer Diameter Measuring Tool without Moving Parts to improve Durability and Longevity
With conventional outer diameter measuring instruments, one of the major issues is the cost and downtime of maintenance. This guide introduces the technology behind KEYENCE's outer diameter measuring instruments which are designed on new principles that eliminates this problem.
The Basics of Metal Marking with Laser Markers
Are you looking to permanently mark metal parts while keeping the maintenance costs low? Download this brochure to see how our laser markers can provide a value-added solution for marking metal.
A Vision Sensor the Size of Your Thumb that can Detect Over a Large Area
The IV Series can be installed anywhere with a maximum field of view of 412 mm x 550 mm. It can perform up to 16 simultaneous inspections for presence, colour, shape, size and much more.
[NEW] Additions to the Self Contained Photoelectric Sensor Lineup!
Introducing LR-W Series,full-spectrum sensor:

·Small/Dual Spot Model for precise detection on small targets & reg. marks
·Fiber Extension Model for tight spaces & harsh environments
·Multi-Sensor Controller for additional functionality, including multiple outputs & analog
Become an Image Processing Expert!
This PDF will introduce you to a variety of topics ranging from device selection to inspection algorithms.

Topics covered include:

·Image receiving element
·Methods of capturing images for optimal image processing
·Selecting the correct lens and light filters
How to Connect a SR Series Barcode Reader to a PLC
This guide provides detailed illustrations and explanations on how to connect a SR Series barcode reader to a Siemens PLC over Profinet.
If you want to connect to a different PLC (Rockwell Automation, Omron, Mitsubishi) or connect to PC, please visit the following website.

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