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          Newsletter 2015

          17 novembre 2015

          Subject :

          [New!]Finally, an Affordable Vision Solution!

          [New!]Finally, an Affordable Vision Solution!
          The IV Series vision sensor provides an affordable solution, including more diverse functions and improved usability. This vision sensor has built-in automatic lighting and automatic focus adjustment in order to optimize image capture. Additionally, you can eliminate the cost of installing peripheral equipment thanks to the position adjustment function, which allows the sensor to find parts at any orientation, anywhere in the field of view. Plus, this vision sensor can easily be setup by anyone in just 1 minute! Take a look for yourself!
          Traceability Solutions: KEYENCE Laser Markers & Barcode Readers
          An increasing number of automotive companies are utilizing traceability for individual parts in addition to finished products. KEYENCE offers the best products for worry-free traceability solutions with our laser markers and barcode readers. Download this brochure to discover the advantages.
          Quality and Production Improvement Examples!
          The IM Series Instant Measurement System can provide many advantages in places around your factory:

          ·Precise measurement in seconds
          ·Improves data management systems
          ·Increases production capacity
          ·Reduces the cost of inspector training experience

          Download and read this guide to see real examples that demonstrate these improvements.
          Counting Contaminants and Foreign Particles Instantly
          Are you visually counting and analyzing microscopic contaminants and foreign particles? With a digital microscope, you can automate this work with high accuracy. This is useful in many fields ranging from engine-related analysis to post-experiment filter observation.
          Do You Want to Implement Traceability in Your Facility?
          These documents contain key points and explanations on how to integrate traceability in the automotive, electronic, and food/medical/cosmetic industries.
          Improve Machine Vision Inspections by Choosing Color Cameras
          This technical guide explains how color cameras work and how processing methods like Color-to-Grayscale and Fine Color conversions can improve your machine vision inspection applications.
          Small, Strong, and Simple Sensors
          Whether you need a sensor that automatically adjusts its power for build-up or an inexpensive solution that can detect something as small as 0.0002", the 200+ sensor combinations in the FS-N series can do it.
          Tips for High Accuracy Measurement using Laser Displacement Sensors
          Fixturing and setup are vital aspects of achieving accurate measurement with displacement sensors.
          Use these documents to learn tricks-of-the-trade for effective non-contact measurements.

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          Découvrez toutes les nouveautés en matière de capteurs, de systèmes de vision, d'instruments de mesure, de marqueurs laser et de microscopes.

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