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Bulletins d'information 2015

20 octobre 2015

Subject :

'Instant Measurement' of Your Parts

Reasons Why Users of Optical Comparators and Hand Calipers Have Selected the Instant Measurement System
The majority of people who have purchased the IM Series Instant Measurement system are those who had been using optical comparators and hand calipers. Why did they switch from these traditional measurement instruments?
Maintenance-Free Contact Displacement Sensor
Tired of replacing LVDTs or contact sensors? The GT2 Series redefines durability:

·Rated to withstand 100 million cycles or more
·IP-67G rating ensures survival even in the harshest environments
·High-flex cables easily withstand continuous motion

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An Outer Diameter Measuring Tool without Moving Parts that leads in both Durability and Life Length
With conventional outer diameter measuring instruments, one of the major issues is the cost of maintenance. This catalog introduces the technology behind KEYENCE's outer diameter measuring instruments which are designed on new principles that solve this problem.
Laser Technology Introduction
What are lasers? This technical guide can be used to learn the laser basics. It contains a wide variety of information such as different wavelength characteristics, the structure of laser oscillators, and a description of each KEYENCE Laser Marker related to your industry.
Can't Read That Barcode?
Not anymore. The SR-1000's unique features make conventionally difficult codes look easy. Additionally, with automatic tuning and focus, setup is a breeze.
Connector Defects and How to Diagnose Them
The guidebook easily explains when, where, and how to use various connectors, and shows how to analyze them using a microscope.

Some topics included:
·Types of connectors
·Typical problems and remedies
·Key microscope observation points
Prevent the Release of Defective Parts! Improving Production with Machine Vision Inspection
How do defective products escape undetected? Why are machine vision systems the correct solution for rejecting defective products?
Safety Light Curtain with Incredible Durability
The GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain is built with a recessed lens and a thick aluminum casing. This means the curtain is resistant to damage from tools, environment, and operators.

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