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          Bulletins d'information 2015

          07 juillet 2015

          Subject :

          Become a Laser Expert

          Laser Technology Introductory Guide
          These days, lasers are used in a wide variety of fields from communication to medical industries. It is important to understand the characteristics and capabilities unique to each type of laser.
          Download this guide to expand your laser knowledge and to help you discover the best fit for your application.
          Finally!! How to Guides for Laser Displacement Sensor Users!
          · Types of non-contact displacement sensors
          · Measurement principles
          · Measurement techniques.

          These guides are useful for both beginners and experts. Download all five at the same time.
          Prevent Static Adhesion!
          Is your process being affected by static cling? Appropriate countermeasures will vary depending on the characteristics of the material in question. This helpful text explains everything from the theory of static to proper prevention techniques.
          Learn Key Points to Major Reductions in Quality Inspection Time
          The IM-Series Instant Measurement system can complete inspections in just seconds simply by placing a part and pressing the button. This document introduces reasons why users have implemented the IM-Series and the results produced utilizing the system.
          Intro to Soldering Defects and Countermeasures
          Gain insights into common soldering defects and how to inspect and prevent them using the latest microscope technology.
          Prevent the Release of Defective Parts! Improving Production with Machine Vision Inspection.
          How do defective products escape undetected? Why are machine vision systems the correct solution for rejecting defective products?
          Three NEW Attachments for the Popular SR-1000 Series!
          · A "high resolution lens attachment" for reading extremely small codes
          · A "reflector attachment" for reading codes marked on mirrored surfaces
          · An "adjustable bracket" that enables flexible mounting with two degrees of freedom

          If you read barcodes, download the SR-1000 brochure today!
          How do you protect complex hazard areas?
          The SZ Safety Laser Scanner can be customized for nearly any safety hazard.

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