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          Bulletins d'information 2015

          14 janvier 2015

          Subject :

          Best Practices for Bow, Flatness and Profile Measurement

          Best Practices for Bow, Flatness and Profile Measurement
          Do you want to increase production speeds and reduce waste while increasing quality? These application guides teach you proven, reliable measurement methods as well as the technologies behind them that make it all possible.
          Eight Ideas for Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency of Dimensional Measurements
          Even with reflected light, repeated stable measurements are now possible! We hope that all those individuals who are using illumination with projectors and similar devices to perform inspections will download the catalog today. Compare the performance of the new heads with that of your existing devices.
          Making the Impossible Possible! Inline 3D Inspections
          The measurement data of the LJ-V Series, high-speed laser profile can be imported into a Keyence machine vision system to perform stable 3D inspections. See how combining two proven technologies has been solving difficult inspection problems world-wide.
          Eight Reasons for Switching to Digital Microscopes according to Experienced Users
          According to users who have used microscopes for a long time, what are eight major advantages to switching to digital microscopes?
          The Most Versatile Safety Light Curtain Available!
          The GL Safety Light Curtain Series Provides Unmatched Versatility, Functionality, and Durability.
          NEW Innovative Code Reader Achieves Successful Reads over a Meter Away
          Say goodbye to different models and lenses; The SR-1000 Series of 1D and 2D code readers is able to achieve nearly a meter of reading range with a single model.

          NEW Compact 1D and 2D Code Reader with Updated Processing Algorithms
          The SR-700 offers advanced image capturing abilities along with powerful decoding mechanics all contained in a compact body.
          Learn About Our Robust and Highly Accurate Digital Contact Sensor!
          MUST READ for anyone who uses contact sensors. Explore the GT2-P – achieving micron accuracy in rugged environments with its IP-67G rating and 100 million cycle durability.

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