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          Bulletins d'information 2014

          18 novembre 2014

          Subject :

          Technical Process Guides For The Latest Measurement Techniques

          【NEW】 Inspection Method and Measurement Technology Studies
          This is the second installment of our popular technical guide series, containing examples of non-contact inspections and detailed explanations of the latest features and technologies. Each document covers a different manufacturing process. Following the last installment which covered Vehicle Bodies, Tires, and Bearings, these new guides go over Cable and Fiber, Film and Sheet, and Battery manufacturing processes. Download them now!
          Why Do Our Customers Implement the IM Series!? The "Collection of Actual Examples of Implementation Results" is Now Available!
          This document will introduce actual examples grouped into four representative areas: in-process inspections, laboratory testing, pre-shipment inspections, and incoming inspections. This document can help improve the inspections that are performed at your company.
          What Causes Static Electricity and How Can You Prevent It?
          Expand your understanding of static electricity so that you can knock it out at the source. Knowledge is your best tool in the prevention of static build-up. Topics include the principles of static electricity and charging mechanisms, characteristics of static, measurement methods, and quick countermeasures.
          Laser Marking for Traceability and Quality Assurance
          In many industries including automotive, traceability systems have been built using electronic devices from many different suppliers. KEYENCE provides total systems that can easily implement traceability by covering all the steps from marking to reading and verification. Take a look at the latest examples of these quality assurance systems by downloading our new Traceability Brochure.
          How Can I Improve the Analysis Capability of My Current Microscope?
          This document introduces a way to enable advanced, digital magnified analysis simply by connecting KEYENCE's VHX to the device that you are using right now.
          These days, it is imperative to convert to digital magnified observation equipment, but this product is a perfect fit for those individuals who still want to use their existing equipment.
          Check Out Our Pneumatic Pressure Transducer Lineup
          The AP Series can tackle any pressure application, whether it be vacuum or positive pressure (-29.9 inchHg to 145 psi). Featuring a highly visible display and simple setup, the AP provides an easy solution for all your pressure needs.
          New Contents Now Available! You can use these documents to correctly select non-contact displacement meters.
          What are the optimal methods to use when performing a variety of measurements such as positioning as well as outer diameter, step, and shape measurements?
          This website explains the optimal methods to use in performing various measurements.

          Isn't there a more efficient way to perform non-contact measurements?
          What is KEYENCE's history when it comes to measurement methods?

          For answers to these questions and more, visit this website.

          Thickness, Width   Height, Step Difference
          Inner, Outer Diameter   Vibration, Eccentricity
          Positioning, Position Control   Warpage, Bow, Flatness
          Profile   Gap, Clearance

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