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          Bulletins d'information 2014

          04 novembre 2014

          Subject :

          New Vision Sensor for Stable Detection of Difficult Parts

          Reflective Sensors Failing to Perform? Solve Difficult Applications Easily with This Vision Sensor!
          Because the IV images the whole surface of the target, it can easily solve the following problems which are common among reflective sensors.
          • Unstable detections due to position misalignment
          • Unstable detections due to variable work piece orientation
          • Inability to perform simultaneous detections in multiple locations
          • Bothersome sensor adjustments during retooling
          Find Successful Non-Contact Measurement Solutions to Common Applications in Your Process
          This guide clearly lays out processes from varying industries such as automotive, steel processing, and glass along with common non-contact measurement solutions. Easily find out what technologies and what products are being used to solve applications across 9 industries.
          Is Sensor Repeatability an Issue?
          The LR series combines simplicity with the repeatability now required for an ever-changing production environment.
          Our Image Dimension Measurement System Leads to Shortened Time Requirements!
          This collection of actual examples of installation results can help with shortening the time spent performing incoming inspections leads to improved yield.
          Key Imaging Technology for Medical Device Companies for R&D and Quality Improvement
          See how top medical device companies use new digital microscope technology to improve and develop their products, with over 30 examples from stent, catheter, needle, pharmaceutical, and other industries.
          KAIZEN: Advantages of Using Vision Systems to Improve the Inspection Process
          This guide introduces the concepts to easily use vision systems to enable data collection, traceability, and other ways to monitor & analyze the inspection process that are not possible with when performed by human inspection. Production rates and product quality can be drastically improved as well as optimizing the production process itself in real-time based on trends with the collected data.
          Ensure Your 2D Codes are of the Highest Quality!
          Familiarize yourself with the industry standards for 2D code quality thereby reducing troubleshooting time with difficult codes.

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