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          Bulletins d'information 2014

          26 août 2014

          Subject :

          Why Are Engineers Switching to this New Imaging & Measurement Technology?

          Why Are Engineers Switching to this New Imaging & Measurement Technology?
          Discover what the latest digital microscopes offer that other systems can't match.
          Hear Stories From IM Series Users That Have Cut Inspection Time to 1/50th!
          The IM Series can perform hundreds of measurements in fewer than 5 seconds with just the press of a button. Some of the results of these installations are improved productivity and reliability and the elimination of varied measured results attributable to the differences in experience of the operators.
          What causes static electricity and what problems does it create?
          Learn how to recognize, diagnose and eliminate static electricity in your facility with these useful tips.
          Expert Techniques for 2D Measurement
          Improve your 2D measurements by using tools tailored for step, gap, and shape measurement in industrial settings
          All-Purpose Heavy-Duty Laser Photoeye
          The LR-Z Features a Stainless Steel Housing, Simplified Operation, and Best-In-Class Detection Capabilities

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