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Bulletins d'information 2014

04 février 2014

Subject :

GL-R Series Makes Alignment Both Quicker and Easier than Ever Before!

Are Light Curtain Nuisance Trips Stopping Your Production?
Nuisance Trips are Most Frequently Caused by Light Curtains Not Being Properly Aligned. The GL-R Series has all but Eliminated this Issue by Providing Increased Power and an Innovative Rigid Frame to Make Alignment Both Quicker and Easier than Ever Before.

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Vision Sensor Solves Difficult Applications with Ease!
The IV Series Vision Sensor offers stable detection by inspecting images to solve applications where reflective type sensors previously wouldn't work and still provides easy setup.

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Start Utilizing Cutting-Edge Measurement Technology in Research and Development
Learn how the latest generation of measurement technology can simplify testing, provide more accurate and stable results, and streamline your development cycle.

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Microscope Industry Guide with Customer Examples
See how different departments and industries solve difficult imaging applications.

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