High-speed, High-accuracy CCD Laser Displacement Sensor

LK-G3000 series


6 sensor-heads are available with the newly-developed algorithm and 2 types of optical systems.

    • World's Fast Sampling Speed of 50 kHz
    • Industry Best Accuracy of ±0.02% (LK-G10/15)
    • Class Best Repeatability of 0.0004 Mil (0.01 µm)
    • Multifunctional Controller
    • Simple, Menu Driven Software
    • Featuring the newly-developed Li-CCD (Linearized CCD), high-accuracy Ernostar lens, and other unparalleled, advanced technologies.

    • Six sensor head combinations for high precision, high accuracy and long distance measurements. Reliable measurements of transparent objects, plastics and metals.

    • The ABLE function, along with newly developed measurement algorithms, enables measurement of diffuse, transparent, or translucent targets.

    • Newly designed multifunction controller with built-in display and data storage.

    • Diffused reflections from rough surfaced targets are averaged, preventing data fluctuations.

    • The ultra-small spot of 1.17 Mil (30 µm) detects minute targets reliably. Optimal for profile measurements.

    • High precision application examples for the LK-G10/G15 series. High repeatability of 0.0004 Mil (0.01 µm).

    • Long distance application examples for the LK-G152/G157 series. Measuring range: 5.91 ±1.57" (150 ±40mm).


  • LK-G5000 series - Ultra High-Speed/High-Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor

    Laser displacement sensors need speed, accuracy and the capability to provide excellent performance in any application. By aiming for the world's best in every aspect, the LK-G5000 is built with the latest cutting-edge technology.

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